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Sep 2018
- Batch driver select added to Delivery Routing

Feb 2018
- Postal Zone Setup, Postal Codes now shown on map

Mar 2017
- Delivery Routing, new option to Use Farthest Address From Start as End Address

Jan 2017
- Delivery Routing, improvements to locate new addresses

Oct 2016
- Delivery Monitor, Shows driver number, name or code depending on setting in courier complete

Aug 2016
- Delivery Monitor, OrderNo now in reverse colors for web orders

Jun 2016
- Default map changed to OSM street

Apr 2016
- Improvements to Delivery Routing

Mar 2016
- Postal Zone setup. Delete last click button added to toolbar.
- Postal Zone setup. Markers can now be moved after they are added.

Feb 2016
- New styling for driver labels
- Font size added under setting for driver labels

Feb 2016
- Location report now includes speed column

Jan 2016
- Delivery Routing no longer requires a seperate login
- Locations Report now shows x of y status as it resolves the locations

Dec 2015
Driver Location
- new vehicle icons based on vehicle type in Courier Complete. Please Contact us if you prefer the old icons.
- new option to add driver name to driver label. Please contact us if you would like this option enabled.

Order Attachments
--View the pictures attached by Driver Complete.
--Add and View any type of document.

Sept 2015
-NEW map providers. Click the layer icon in the top right of the map.